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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What materials may I recycle?
A. Paper: Newspaper (includes all inserts), magazines, catalogs, junk mail, mixed paper, soft-cover books, non-foil gift wrap and greeting cards.
Plastic: Empty plastic bottles and jugs (screw-on caps left on).
Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard, phone books, paperboard, chipboard, cereal boxes with coated liners removed, shoe boxes, empty food boxes with no plastic coating or food left inside. ALL CARDBOARD MUST BE FLATTENED AND SIZED TO FIT IN THE CART.
Cans:  Aluminum, steel, or tin cans.

Q. Can I recycle old paint cans?
A. No. Old paint in paint cans should be dried out first and then discarded with your other trash.  You can mix the old paint with sawdust or cat litter to help dry it out.  Then, the old cans should be disposed of with your regular household garbage.

Q. What do I do with my old tires?
A. Our district has tire collection centers where you may take old, discarded tires.  For more information, see our page about that on this website by clicking here.

Q. How should I recycle old electronics and appliances?
A. There is a list of electronics that you can recycle here.  Note that most appliances may NOT be recycled, also shown on the list of materials that are NOT accepted.

Q. Can I recycle fruit and salad containers with my plastic bottles and jugs?
A. No. Even though the containers may have a #1 recycling symbol, containers may not be recycled with #1 bottles and jugs.


Q. Can I recycle plastic tubs that hold sour cream, yogurt, etc?
A. No, these plastic tubs may not be recycled with plastic bottles and jugs.

Q. Can I recycle my pizza boxes?
A. Although the cardboard boxes can be recycled, don’t place anything in the recycling cart that has any food residue left on it, including pizza boxes. No food, nor greasy surfaces, should go into the recycling cart.

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